Before sending me a private message…

Unless we are close friends (being a long time follower doesn’t necessarily count), I do not accept friends request from new/inactive members.

The server has been created to reduce the amount of private discussions, if you just want to have a chill chat with me, please do so in #general-talk. If you need info about something specific, have a look at the #ask-mctaylis forum channel first: you may find an answer to your question and if not, you can still ask it in a new post!

However, discussing about business or reporting a server issue might not be adapted to share information. In this cases, feel free to send me a private message.

Any ill behavior will result in an instant kick/block.

“Artists square”: how to correctly share art

To share YOUR art…

To share art that is NOT YOURS

⚠️ What is flagged as “mature”…

  • 🟢 all “soft” fetish/kink content (growth/inflation, hyper, …)
  • 🟢 soft sensitive content (blood, clean nudity, …)
  • 🔴 too big / obvious bulges in pants/undies
  • 🔴 adult content (sex, gore, …)

“Silly crew” role: how to get it & its benefits

🌟 The Silly Crew is a seal of quality earned by the best members of the server. To have a chance to earn this role, you should…

🏆 Crew members can…

⚠️ If you’ve been part of the Silly Crew in the past and no longer have the role, it could be because you…

  • have been inactive on the server for too long (6 months without posting a message)
  • don’t post often or rarely take part of discussions
  • have not respected server rules or share negative vibes too often